Your work is amazing. When should I book my wedding day?

After you set your wedding date, we suggest that you book your makeup artist immediately. Our clients usually book us 6 to 9 months in advance after they confirm their wedding date.

How do I book?

To inquire, submit the form on the contact page with the details for your event.  All bookings are secured with a signed contract and 50% deposit of the total balance. 

What is the preview session?

A preview session is recommended to ensure that we achieve the perfect look for your wedding day! Typically, we will spend 1.5-3 hours with you to customize a look that is suitable for your personality and features and will best match the style of your wedding.

For your preview session appointment, we will perform a full makeup application and hairstyling.
Our artist will also provide pre-makeup skin analysis and skin care recommendations -if you wish.

We want you to be completely satisfied after your preview session and do our best to ensure that we achieve the look you desire.

Although not required, It is always recommended to book your wedding day before having your preview session to ensure availability. It is also better to schedule the preview session enough in advance of your wedding just in case you decide to make any adjustments to your makeup and hairstyle.

What do I need to prepare for the trial/ preview session?

To serve you as best we can, we ask that you bring as much information as you need to articulate the look you want to achieve. You may bring images of inspired makeup and hair looks, your wedding dress, wedding accessories, and/or anything that embodies your wedding theme, color, and style. Anything you share with us will help us find the perfect look for you!

What can I expect from the preview session if I do not wear much/any makeup?

we want to enhance your natural beauty during the preview session. We would start off with a more natural makeup look and build from there. if you want to do something different from your everyday look, we will do so at your request. We will also photograph you at your appointment to show how you will look in pictures. 

do you offer preview sessions for members of my bridal party?

Yes! Brides, bridesmaids, and mothers are more than welcome to schedule a preview session.

Do you provide airbrush makeup?

We do not offer airbrush application at this time. with the proper skin prep and set, we are able to achieve flawless, long-lasting results with traditional application of the makeup.

What brand of makeup products do you use?

All of the products we use are of the professional quality. We mix and match the most suitable products from various professional and high-end brands, such as bobbi brown, danessa myricks, Makeup Forever, becca, and MAC.

Please inform us of any skin/ allergy condition(s) or other concerns you might have prior to your appointment. We want to make sure your session runs smoothly and that we can achieve the look you want!

Do I need to wear heavy makeup for photos?

There seems to be a misunderstanding about wearing “heavy” makeup for photos. wearing a full face of makeup does not mean it will be heavy or cakey. although, if you are not used to wearing much makeup on a regular basis, it will be more than you are accustomed to.

We will start off with a more natural application and build from there if you desire. You may request to make any adjustments of the makeup during the application.

What is the wedding day timeline?

typically, The bride will require one and a half to two hours for makeup and hair. Each bridal party member will require about one and a half hours for makeup and hair (45 minutes if it is just makeup or just hair). additional ARTISTS are available to ensure complete services within your desired time frame -at an additional cost.

A friendly reminder: most delays are caused by not being present in the room for their scheduled time slot. To keep things running smoothly, we ask that everyone be ready when we arrive.

Should I request touch-up service for my wedding?

touch-up services are available upon request. many brides will usually request touch-up services if they have more than one gown and/or want to showcase more than one look for their wedding.

My fiancé might want a face touch-up. Do you offer any services for the groom?

Yes, we do offer face touch-ups and hair styling services for the groom.

DO YOU TRavel?

Absolutely! We would love to travel with you so you may work with artists you trust! Please contact us for a destination quote.

Do you offer any other services beside weddings?

Yes, we do! We are available for any type of bridal or non-bridal event!

What form of payments do you accept?

we accept debit card payments via electronic invoice.